Dhoom 3 total income |earnings & Sunday collection

By | December 21, 2013

day by day dhoom 3 collection and income increase so we are now going to discuss about the Dhoom 3 total income | earnings and sunday collection. From the last three day we have notice that dhoom 3 give a awesome response on box office,

but the dhoom 3 film rating and public rating is not so good. Before release leading star of this film confirm that film cane enter in 250 crore + Segment but still, Public response after watching this film is not so good.


However recently India times confirm that film break Chennai express record to collect more than 38 Crore in first day. So let’s talk about the full info


Dhoom 3 total income | earnings & Sunday collection

dhoom 3 total income, total earnings, sunday collection

Above info show that the film collect amount in this day but according to Public review, Film Songs are totally flop and more than 80 % user confirm that they are not really impressed with the songs of dhoom 3.

It is hard to believe that film has only 1 Popular songs i.e It’s title song.


Talk about the collection, In North India , mostly all the Cinema halls are full of crowd. A report of India times tell,

that In the opening day user booked there tickets in advance and as a result film collection on box office is high.


Dhoom 3 total Sunday collection | total income


First day dhoom 3 collection – 36.23 crore


Second day collection – 28.45 crore


Dhoom 3 Sunday collection | total income – 30.12 Crore


Above graph and the income result show that the film collect a good amount in these days. Promotion and marketing is also play an important role behind this Collection. In many aamir khan’s movie we have notice that Media also help him to promote these film. we notice this in 3 idiots also.

On the other hand the whole team also visit in some reality show, In these days salman also wear a cap and help in dhoom 3 promotion. Overall these to calculate these factor we can say that,

the credit of the collection is only go to the Marketing and promotion. Overall these are the main info which we gain and collect about the dhoom 3 total income | earnings and sunday collection.

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