Singh Saab the great total | first weekend collection | income

By | November 23, 2013

Our last post is above Sunny deol’s latest movie i.e singh saab and we are going to provide you info about Singh saab the great | first & total weekend collection. we also inform you about Singh saab total | weekend collection.


Very few guys know that film collect more than 10 crore in this first day but the first weekend is too good for Singh saab. In Just 3 days movie touch a collection up to 25 crore.


However leading star are also waiting for the overall collection but apart from that there are some factor behind this film which you might now. After first days many sunny deol fans are impress with sunny’s actions and Romantic scene. So take a look at the full info.


Singh saab the great first day | total weekend collection | income


singh saab the great

singh saab the great

The first unknown fact about sunny deol is it’s Awesome workout in Singh saab. Very few guys know that sunny spent more than 45 day for complete workout for this film. However he also take advice of some Professional body builder but his workout for Singh saab the great was abnormal.


The Second fact about the Singh saab the great total collection is it’s female star. India times also confirm that audience are also like the role to Urvashi rautela. Due to lead role to this young girl collection is much higher than other action films.


The last but not the least fact but Singh saab the great is it’s soundtrack. It is hard to believe that all the song of Singh saab has been Sung by Sonu nigam, but the title song is sung Two male bollywood singer. Producer does’t confirm yet who is the main music composed behind the trailer.

Singh saab the great first weekend collection : -


Singh saab the great first day income | collection – 10.12 crore (Approx)


Second day collection of singh saab the great : – More than 9.85 crore


Third day collection report of singh saab : – 10.06 crore


Singh saab the great | total first week collection- 27 Crore Approx


The chart which we mention above, show that the collection on box office of singh saab is superb and the credit of this is only go to Leading stars as well as to promotion. Due to large promotion many user are excited to watch this film. After this weekend producer also plan to announce that how much movie collect outside India.


No one can say about the U.S and U.K collection, Due to sikh religion collection in Canada is also good. Overall these are the information which we gain and collect about the Singh saab the great total first week collection.



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